Where’s the Margarita Stop?

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It’s official. I am entering my very first bike race ever, this Saturday:  The Tour de Jalapeno in Martindale, Texas, a little town I had never heard of until yesterday when I pulled out the race instructions to figure out where the heck I’ll be going.

The Tour de Jalapeno is a 26-mile race with a twist.  Pickled jalapenos are offered at each of 2 aid stations.  Eat as many as you want—you get 1 minute deducted from your race time for each jalapeno you swallow.  But there’s a hotter twist.  Mixed in with the pickled jalapenos is the real thing:  Big ole jalapenos spicy enough to blister your tongue.

Who would be crazy enough to eat spicy peppers in the middle of a race?  Particularly in August–in Texas–when it’s supposed to be 100ish degrees?  I don’t know either, but I’d like to find out. Which is why I’m doing it.

That’s not entirely true.  I do know one person who would do such a crazy thing.  My boyfriend.

Robert bought his very first bike about a month ago, and he loves riding.  So much so, that he clocked in more miles in July than I have all summer.  So much so, that it was his idea to enter this race.  Not necessarily because it is a race, but because it is a race with jalapenos. (On a stick?) He is one of those crazy people who eat all kinds of hot and spicy things, just for kicks.  It’s a wonder his taste buds aren’t seared right out of his mouth.

The Tour de Jalapeno is not only Robert’s first official bike race, as it is mine, but it is his first official race EVER.  It’s been interesting to witness the nervous excitement that precedes someone’s first race.  It’s making me nervous and excited too, but I think for different reasons than his.

I keep worrying and wondering—will there be aid stations for the margaritas? How else will we wash down all those jalapenos?

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