The End in Sight

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girl daydreaming

In a little more than 48 hours I will have PRed the Austin Half Marathon.

It will be cold Sunday morning, somewhere in the mid to upper 30s.  When my alarm goes off I will already be awake, half dreading getting out from under the warm covers so blasted early.

I’ll sit on the living room floor like I always do, cup (or 2) of coffee in hand, and stretch, not necessarily because I need to stretch promptly upon awakening, but because it’s a nice excuse to sprawl out on the floor and half-doze instead of crawling back into bed.

My dogs will look outside at the still dark sky, and then at me like I am crazy, burrow into a cozy nest in the throw on the couch, and go back to sleep. Like they always do.

But this Sunday won’t be like any other running day.  No stalling on this cold morning with endless coffee or straightening up. This day is going to rock.

I have visualized race morning for weeks–waking up and getting ready for the race, driving to Austin, walking to the start line, warming up.  I know what I will eat and when, what my clothing options are for any kind of weather (this is Texas, after all–the thermometer can fluctuate 40+ degrees within hours).  I have reminded myself to press my Garmin’s ON button as soon as I cross the Start line.

I have visualized what my negative split will feel like, particularly the second half, fast and hard to the Finish line.

Most important, I have repeated in my mind’s eye crossing that line. Finishing strong. My best run ever.

Strangely, perhaps, visualization comes so easily for me that it often resembles daydreaming.  Especially on long runs. Maybe my mind needs a distraction in order to let my body alone to do what it will. Or maybe I am simply determined to get the result I want.  Regardless, I have seen the end of this race, over and again, and I know it won’t be good. It will be fabulous.

I can’t wait.

Come to think of it, I haven’t. I’ve seen it.


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I’ll be cheering from Pittsburgh!! You’ve (so obviously) got this! 🙂


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