On the Cusp of the No Plan Plan

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At this time last year, I had a plan.  Not just any old plan, but a Master Plan.  I wrote out my vision of where I wanted to be in a year and then laid out corresponding goals, each month for a quarter, then six months, a year. I posted both documents, Visions and Goals, on my bathroom mirror so I would be reminded daily of what I needed to do, where to go.

By April I found that I had met maybe 1/3 of my goals.  My Master Plan wasn’t so masterful after all, it seemed. The documents came off the mirror as  I thought of Woody Allen’s line, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Nevertheless, my visions and goals were embedded in my brain.

Now, at the end of the year, I find that I have met many of these goals, even if I didn’t meet them in (my) time.   The goals I missed have more to do with focus than desire.  A fortune fished out of a cookie sometime this year waves from my fridge to remind me:  The most powerful element in the world is a focused mind.

But it’s almost December 31 again and I have no Master Plan, no vision, no list of goals to post on my bathroom mirror.

This realization set in yesterday when for the first time in a month I stood completely alone in my house, in silence.  Last December I had the luxury of time for reflection and planning.  This December, by contrast, has been a whirlwind of incidents and events, from beach time and the joy of season’s end to family illness, unexpected home repairs, the stress of season’s end, and the preparation required to begin a new season.

Oh yeah, and then there was Christmas.

For some reason, I’m not so worried about not having a plan.  December 31 isn’t the official Master Plan Deadline and, as far as I know, I won’t melt if midnight strikes and I’m on the No Plan Plan.  There will be enough time.

Among the many lessons I learned this year, two apparently contradictory principles stand out:

  1. I seem to be happiest when I forget about myself.
  2. We receive in life what we think we deserve.

I’m not exactly sure how my Master Plan will take shape, but I know I need to begin here.

Fortunately, as I begin to think about 2013’s visions and goals, I am not completely planless.  My training plan is still tacked up on my fridge, guiding me toward that half marathon in February.

At least there is this:  I plan to run.

Have a blessed New Year.


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