The Best Wurst 5 Mile Run

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Last Saturday I ran the Wurst 5 Mile Run in New Braunfels, Texas.  I shared the race with 994 other runners at beautiful Landa Park, home to Wurstfest, a week-long party celebrating German culture, food, and beer.

It was the first time I’ve entered this race, and the first time in a while I’ve participated in a 5 mile run.  I have to say, it was the best race I’ve run in a long time.  Here’s why:

  1. Wurst.  What kind of race with “Wurst” in the title wouldn’t serve bratwurst?  Not this one. There was plenty.  I don’t usually eat bratwurst, and I’ve never eaten a wurst right after running, but after this race, I did.  Surprisingly, it beats bananas hands-down.
  2. Beer.  What’s bratwurst without beer? A half fulfilled promise. I couldn’t do one without the other, so immediately after crossing the finish line, I headed for the brat line, then the beer line.  Another first for me:  Drinking beer after a race.  I have only one word for all those people who’ve told me over the years how nice a beer is after a run:  Genius.
  3. Tuba.  Yes, a tuba.  You can’t really have a party celebrating all things German without a polka band.  You can’t really have a polka band without a tuba.  And I thought bagpipes were cool at a race, but a tuba?  Spectacular.
  4. 5 Miles.  For the past few years, I’ve run either 5Ks or half marathons and not a lot in between.  A 5 mile race is an enjoyable distance to run.  You’re out there long enough for the run to start feeling good, but not long enough for it to start feeling bad.
  5. Miranda.  My friend.  We ran the race together, blabbing the whole time. Except for the last mile, when we pushed ourselves hard to cross the finish line, running at a non-talking pace.  This was the first race I’ve ever run with somebody.  I’ve trained for and entered loads of races with people, but once the starting gun sounds, I’ve been on my own.  I absolutely loved passing the miles and the time during the race itself with a friend by my side.  So much so that it wasn’t hard for her to talk me into entering the Austin Half Marathon in February, so that we can run it together.

If you’re ever in central Texas in November, you might want to think about entering this run.  In addition to the food and the tuba, there’s lots of great people out having a good time, sporting their lederhosen and knee socks.  Next year, I will run with a camera.


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